We Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Secure Stay specializes in cyber-attack protection for the data-driven hotel industry

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Cyber security is an issue hotel executives can no longer ignore

There is a strong connection between data breaches and consumer trust.
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Of hotels need extra staff training regarding cyber security
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Of consumers don’t think hotels are investing enough in cyber security
Million Euro approximate fine-for hotels who have faced cyber security breaches



Cyber Security Risk Assessment

The cyber analytic managers will carefully scan all systems connected to the hotel’s network. Including all third-party booking sites, electronic key card programmers, and many other devices that connect to the hotel wifi. It is a crucial part of any hotel’s risk management strategy and data protection efforts.

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Personal and Transaction Data Protection

Privacy Regulations (GDPR, CCPA compliance). Secure data protection collected through a point of sale, reservation system or payment-enabled service that may include bank numbers, credit card information and guests’ basic information including name, date of birth and contact information.

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Cyber Security Culture Establishment

Our dedicated training managers will teach employees to recognize, delete, and report suspicious emails or links by the real-world attacks simulation. It will minimize the chances of an employee accidentally giving a hacker access to your network and hotel data.

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