A Hotel Is Under Cyberattack

On May one of the leading hospitality giant claimed that an “unauthorized party” got access to the personal information of 150 million customers.
Hotel Cyberattack

In May, one of the leading hospitality chains claimed on hotel cyberattack: “unauthorized party” got access to the personal information of 150 million customers. Unfortunately, breaches like these are a feature of life in the online age, and cases are on the rise.

Hotel cyberattack crime costs

Cyber crime costs will grow to $6 trillion by 2021

Hotel cyberattacks become every 40 seconds

Business becomes a cyber crime victim every 40 seconds

170 million hotel cyberattacks

There are more than 170 million malware incidents per year

Earlier, hotel management reported they received a notification from an internal security tool specifying that an attempt had been made by someone to connect the hotel guest reservation database. After involving outside cybersecurity – SecureStay, we were able to determine that the first hacker attack took place two years ago. The unauthorized party had copied and encrypted guests’ information, including passwords, email addresses, departure/arrival date, and passport information.
Unfortunately, this particular breach was only detected after the fact.

Time-to-detect a hotel cyberattack

Typical time-to-detect a data breach is over 8.5 months

After involving outside cybersecurity - Secure Stay, we had determined that the first hacker attacking took a place 2 years ago.

The hotel chain in question has since engaged our services, which gives them the peace of mind of full data protection. Not a moment too soon; since we detected and successfully deflected a large-scale credit card hack, not long after our engagement.

We’ll teach you how to repel cyberattacks.

We’ll teach you how to repel cyber attacks.