About Secure Stay

Cyber Security In Hospitality

Our research has shown that the number of hotel data breaches is growing rapidly from year to year. Hotels are the most vulnerable in the face of cyber threat that’s why we chose the hospitality cyber security niche as our main specialization. Our team is constantly developing and improving skills, we follow the progress in the cyber technology industry and immediately implement received knowledge to protect our clients.

For many years, we are not only preventing cyber risks but also providing training for employees and checking any existing network for a risk assessment. Additionally, we are testing the third-party vendors to ensure their cyber protection is strong. All of our solutions are specifically tailored to each client.

Spend more time on your guests while we are taking care of your data protection

Hospitality Cyber Security

Our Mission


To prevent your business from any kind of phishing and fraud attacks by implementing a solid cyber security culture.


To protect your brand name and reputation. There is a strong connection between data breaches and consumer trust.


To save your money. Data breaches may cost you thousands of dollars and huge government fines.


To raise your and your staff’s awareness about the increasing risks of hacking attacks.