Avoiding Cyber Security Threats in Hospitality Business

Unfortunately, the threat of cyber crimes is extremely relevant these days. In the hotel business, cybersecurity should be taken very seriously. In the last three years there have been thirteen large data breaches. You might wonder what makes hotels so vulnerable to cyber attacks – it’s the large databases of sensitive information such as addresses and credit card numbers. In addition, the hotels’ national and international positioning has a say. 

In a nutshell, the larger the organisation the higher is the threat of an attack, due to the extent of the information stored. In this article you will learn about potential cyber threats that might await your hotel business and how you can avoid them. Here are the tips that should be of use to protect your hotel databases.

Secure your wi-fi network

An important element at hotels is the wi-fi network that is provided to the guests. Even though the guest wi-fi network might be separate from the main one, there is still a possibility that hackers might infiltrate the separate devices. Hotel owners should consider an investment into hotel network security to be essential, and not an extra cost. The security includes setting up firewalls and WPA2 encryption. Advise your guests to use only VPNs and visit only reliable websites. At Secure Stay we take care of these precautions ourselves, so you can be sure that with us your wi-fi network is protected. 

At Secure Stay we eliminate all cybersecurity threats that might await your hotel business.

There is a potential for an attack on the Hotel Network Infrastructure 

The system used for cafes, stores, spas and other services involves connection to the main hotel’s network, where secure data is maintained. It makes the network more vulnerable, as hackers may navigate through the network to the important data. It is recommended to set up a network that is segregated, with devices that can ensure the stream of data with less probability of a breach.

Payment system encryption

It is necessary that the payment transactions are end-to-end encrypted. If the following method is utilized then the number of a credit card will never appear in the hotel installations, and the only information that travels within the network is scrambled. Encryption always needs an internet connection, and it is essential that a stable large-scale service is used to make the reliability of payment methods more probable.

Train your staff on cybersecurity processes

It is often the case that hotel employees accidentally provide access to hackers, although with proper training the chances are enormously lower. Cybercriminals find ways to lure their victims into opening harmful files and/or allowing unauthorized individuals enter secured areas. It is a great way to start training your personnel to avoid such incidents in order to protect your hospitality business. They have to keep up with the company’s security and compliance rules. Make sure they fully understand all applicable documentation. 

Restrict access to downloading software to the company’s computers. Minimize web browsing on company laptops and PCs that hold sensitive information. Instruct your staff to use strong passwords and identify potential malware. 

Insider dangers

It is possible that your staff member might purposely share hotel data with third parties. Such data breaches are more difficult to identify as the access can be granted to a hacker by an employee. Hold your employees accountable for their adherence to the cybersecurity policy. Provide access to the company’s systems only to a small number of staff members. Make sure that your employees can access only as much information as they need to get their job done.

Take preventive measures

Last year was one of the biggest for cybercrime. It is necessary to establish security processes, schedule threat elimination plans and provide budget allowance for your organization’s cyber security needs. Set up a company-wide system that will identify the threats and security controls to prevent cyber attacks. At Secure Stay we will set up all necessary software and take all the steps to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your hotel data. 

We’ll teach you how to repel cyberattacks.

We’ll teach you how to repel cyber attacks.