Cyber Security for Hotel Businesses

In this article you will learn how you can use technology to the advantage of your hospitality business. It is very convenient both for customers and hotels that potential guests can book a room, and specify the details of their stay only using their cell phones. Furthermore, hotel management can process such requests and send confirmations using only PCs and smartphones.

However, there is another side to such convenience, namely vulnerability. Sensitive information becomes at risk with IoT and use of electronic devices. This is the very reason why more and more hotel owners turn to professionals, like Secure Stay, to protect their hospitality businesses. 

We will discuss in detail the threats that might await your business and how you can protect it from cybercriminals. 

First thing first, let us establish what cybersecurity is. By definition it is a practice of protecting devices, networks, clouds and servers from actions with ill intent. Information is a valuable asset nowadays, and hotel databases fall under this category. This is the reason why hackers try accessing and stealing information, while you can remain shut out of your devices if there is malicious software on them.

Protect your hospitality business with Secure Stay.

Antivirus and firewalls are often used to prevent unauthorized access to the systems, that is what cyber security processes include. Depending on the needs of your organization, different anti-malware software may be used. However, at Secure Stay we encourage you to turn to professional help to protect your business. 

The threats that await hospitality businesses

Within the past few years we witnessed massive cyber attacks on hotels, you can read on our blog more about the history of cyber attacks here. These attacks put in danger the hotel’s good name and its reliability, and at times serious data leakages may result in permanent business shut down. Hotels’ databases are at risk, as they include sensitive information such as names of guests, their credit card information, addresses, copies of IDs, addresses, etc.

Secure Stay recommends preventing cyber attacks rather than remedy them, as the consequences and damage can be irreversible. Here is the short list of potential cyber threats to your hotel business:

Phishing attacks

Phishing refers to emails that look like they have been sent from a genuine source while containing malware. Cybercriminals intend to convince the recipient to share some particular information in the email. The information usually involves passwords and financial details. Criminals often try to persuade an individual to make or authorize transactions from his or her credit card or a bank account. 


The purpose of this attack is to receive a compensation while holding sensitive data hostage. It happened in the past when guests were locked out of their rooms, as cybercriminals installed a malicious software that prevented electronic keys from functioning. In this case thousands of dollars were paid to release the company systems. 

DarkHotel hacking

This is a relatively new kind of a cyber attack where hackers use hotel’s Wi-Fi networks to target business guests. Secure Stay recommends your customers to use VPN if they are planning to deal with sensitive information. 

Identity theft

Your clients rely on you when they provide their credit card information and copies of their ID. There is a big number of criminals trying to get hold of passport details as well as banking information and use this data to their advantage. Secure Stay team of professionals will help you prevent such cases and subsequent scandals as these cases become public. 

We can ensure that your hotel is protected 24/7

Protect your business

As we mentioned numerous times in the Secure Stay blog, the key is to give instructions to your employees. They should not open suspicious emails and should be able to recognize a phishing call from a genuine one. It is important to stay away from suspicious websites and harmful software. Sometimes criminals can be quite inventive and forge certificates to push malicious computer programs. It is essential to inform the IT department in case they suspect a threat. 

We can help you install cyber security software, so you will not bother about potential risks. We will ensure that your hotel is protected 24/7. Contact us to learn more. 

We’ll teach you how to repel cyberattacks.

We’ll teach you how to repel cyber attacks.