Cyber Security Culture Establishment

Your hotel should be ready to detect and handle any data breaches.

Enabling your employees to recognize common cyber threats can be helpful to your hotel’s computer security. Security awareness training teaches employees to understand vulnerabilities and threats to business operations. Your employees need to be informed of their responsibilities and accountabilities when using a computer on a business network.

Establishing the data security culture
in your hotel includes:


Responsibility for Company Data and Notification Procedures

You and your employees have legal and regulatory obligations to respect and protect the privacy of information and its integrity and confidentiality. All employees should be educated on your data incident reporting procedure in the event an employee’s computer becomes infected by a virus or is operating outside its norm. They should be trained to recognize a legitimate warning message or alert.


Creating Passwords and Securing Emails

We will train you how to select strong passwords. Passwords should be cryptic so they cannot be easily guessed but also should be easily remembered. Responsible email usage is the best defense for preventing data theft. Employees should be aware of scams and not respond to the email they do not recognize.


Unauthorized Software and Internet Use

Unlicensed software downloads could make your company susceptible to malicious software downloads that can help to cyberattack your hotel data. Full training about suspicious links from unknown sources and how to avoid them. Such links can contain malware, infect computers and steal company data.


Protecting Computer Resources and Social Engineering

We will train your employees on safeguarding their computers from theft by locking them or keeping them in a secure place. How to recognize common cybercrime and information security risks, including social engineering, online fraud, phishing, and web-browsing risks. These real-world attack simulations will increase the success of cyber security training.