Hotel Room Security

High level hotel room security

Have you ever thought about the security of a hotel room? What devices connect to their network, how secure is the room’s WiFi?

From The Room’s Minibar To Full Control

In a recent hotel cyberattack simulation, our attack team managed to take full control of the hotel just from the minibar’s network connection. This is how it was done:

1/ Our attack team connected their computers to the minibar’s ethernet port. They discovered a router and managed to gain access to it by guessing its password.

2/ From there they managed to jump to the corporate network and breach their way into the corporate structure of the network

3/ During the reconnaissance, they also managed to gather several user accounts with their credentials.

4/ Eventually, one of the harvested credentials led the attack team to an internal server in the hotel network, which was managing the PMS system of the hotel. The attack team had now full control of the hotel’s network and could make bookings, control the smart tv’s of all of the rooms in the hotel and also extract sensitive guest details.

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