The Relevance of Rapidity During Detection and Response

Lourdes Borjas

The APT or advanced persistent threat is a very discreet threat actor. Usually, performed by a group that gains unauthorized access to a network and carries on undetected for an extended period. APT actors are utilizing vulnerabilities found in Microsoft to conduct attacks in the hospitality industry. This is according to the alert issued in November last year.

A well-known security agency in charge of releasing reports to alert the industry, noticed specific patterns. The agency declared that ATP groups had taken advantage of Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell vulnerabilities. They use it to their advantage to get initial access to systems before the follow-on operations. Once they’re in the network, they proceed to deploy ransomware.

Different groups have been using this vulnerability since October 2021. The attacks are not limited to one specific region, but they’re occurring worldwide. Agencies around the world, such as the FBI and the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Center, have issued alerts. The same agencies have urged the hospitality industry to prepare as much as possible. They also emphasized the importance of rapidity during detection and response stages.

Our mission at Secure Stay is to help your business and clients stay secure. We offer you a range of integrated solutions that can adapt to the needs of your business. This article will elaborate on how relevant it is for your hotel to be ready for a cyberattack.

Rapidity During Detection and Response Can Make the Difference

Investigations and reports from different agencies around the world conclude that there are a few key factors that determine success against a cyberattack. The main differentiator between companies that struggle or succeed at the response of ransomware is the speed. Rapidity during detection and response stages can be the factor that determines the security of your business and your clients. 

Companies that partner with managed security services providers, such as Secure Stay, can ensure to always have eyes on the environment. Attackers can try to get into a hotel network at any time of the day; therefore, it’s vital to stay on top of the situation. 

It’s also worth mentioning the importance of organizations having an incident response retainer. We have seen companies that recognize they are under attack but change to different partner organizations. While this switch is happening, the attackers can gather more sensitive data and information from the network.

Security Oversights to Avoid

Most of the incidents that we respond to happen for two main reasons. The first one is that the company doesn’t revise or update the systems, apps, and networks, as often as it should. It’s easier for hackers to perform attacks on vulnerable systems where the security software hasn’t been updated. Make sure to review patching procedures for all the systems in your organization, that way, you can mitigate ransomware more effectively.

The second is that we see companies not deploying all the protection solutions on all systems. Ransomware infections are more likely to happen through overlooked areas of the system. Therefore, it’s essential to cover all endpoints of your business’s system.

Rapidity During Detection and Response

One way to determine if your business is well prepared to respond to a cyberattack is to perform a penetration test. Pen testing is the most effective way to determine your hotel’s rapidity during the detection and response phases. Once you get the results, you’ll be able to see the areas in your processes to be improved. 

Risk assessment is probably one of the most relevant tools to understand your organization’s needs. Now more than ever, companies require a ransomware protection plan due to the severity and prevalence of ransomware attacks.

It would be best to think of it as a subset of a response plan for an incident. Nonetheless, the procedures should include steps to prevent and detect ransomware, not only how the company should act in case of an actual attack. 

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We’ll teach you how to repel cyberattacks.

We’ll teach you how to repel cyber attacks.