Why hotels are targets for hackers?

hacker hotel

According to statistics from the hospitality industry, the average number of rooms per hotel in Europe in 2019 was sixty-two. With the occupancy rate for the same period at around 72%, it’s easy to see why hotels would be a prime target for hackers. The sheer volume of people going in and out daily, and more importantly, the amount of credit card transactions being processed around the clock every single day of the year make for a much bigger pay-day for the successful hacker.

Combine that with the amount of personal data involved in hotel stays, and a successful hacker could potentially get access to credit card details, passport or ID numbers, and addresses. That could result in not only fraudulent credit card transactions but identity theft as well, the effects of which are almost impossibleto assess.

We live in what has effectively become a cashless society. Compared to the norm from even a few years ago, today’s consumers are much more likely to make all theirtransactions via a credit card or an app on their smartphone. Even the process has changed. For small purchases, you don’t even need a PIN confirmation anymore, as contactless payments have become such a normal part of our life.

Our life has become much more connected, and all that connectivity gives hackers an almost limitless number of access points to attack, including WiFi, Bluetooth, LANS, hotel security cameras, check-in and out, hotel POS systems, and more. Every single one of these could be an entry point for a hacker.

People go on holiday to relax. Hotel guests will probably not be at their most diligent. Even security-savvy individuals will likely let their guard down a bit when on holiday, and that creates a particularly tempting target for hackers.

Your guests are in your hotel to enjoy the amenities, not worry about the security of the hotel systems or any other hotel room security issues. That’s your job, but get it wrong, and the word soon gets around.

Luckily, there is a better way. Our security assessments will conduct a thorough scan of all your systems and probe for any weak-spots. If we do find any, we can work with you to plug these and safeguard you and your guests from any cyber threat.

You want your guests to have a memorable stay at your hotel. Don’t let the hackers make it memorable for all the wrong reasons. Let’s move your cybersecurity hospitality to the new level!

We’ll teach you how to repel cyberattacks.

We’ll teach you how to repel cyber attacks.